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The Leadership Institute at Rutgers University–Camden is a close-knit community of some of our most active and engaged students on campus. The Institute connects students to many exciting programs, events and opportunities which help members make the most of their college experience.

Students experience personalized mentorship that provides insights about the best pathways to success in their major, as well as their future careers and life paths. They will be introduced to mentors and successful alumni who offer advice and act as role models to help them achieve leadership success. The Leadership Institute provides the guidance and strong connections that helps  students to participate in experiential learning opportunities such as internships, digitally-enhanced courses, and learning beyond the classroom. Participation in the many leadership skill building workshops and activities offered in The Leadership Institute encourages and prepares students to undertake many different leadership roles on campus, as well as participate in projects already underway throughout Camden and the Delaware Valley via Rutgers University–Camden’s commitment to Civic Engagement. 

Whatever one’s future path may be, the Leadership Institute provides guidance, mentorship and opportunities to help students meet their goals and prepare them to be one of the next generation’s leaders. 


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